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ID: EA0806052

Big Freehold Rayong Hotel
Locate: Ban Chang, Baanchang, Baanchang, Thailand


Cash Flow



This huge hotel was established in 1999, with 140-guest rooms, and occupies an area of 7,504- square metres, and ample parking facilities. Being in a leading growth area, this highly successful business enterprise opens 24-hours daily, with a complement of 60-staff, whose combined monthly salaries amount to around 500,000 baht, (i.e. approximately 8,300 baht per person). It is not often that such a large and highly successful hotel operation is placed on the market, and this has only come about because the current owner wishes to retire for family reasons.

       Here is a ‘freehold’ sale that includes furnishings, fixtures and plant, etc, which have been officially valued at 93,420,000 baht; (almost half original purchase price). If you have hotel experience, then here is a rare opportunity for you to get into the ‘big league,’ which is backed up by a very active “Hoteliers Association” on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard. “Huge Annual 36-Million Sales Produce 18-Million Baht Profit Yearly” – ‘Freehold’ Price 200-Million Baht.


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Ban Chang, Baanchang, Baanchang, Thailand


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Business ID : EA0806052

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